Clint Cross is the owner and founder of Northstar Turquoise.  Clint, a native of the Missisquoi band of the Abenaki Nation Indians, has been mining the Cripple Creek turquoise mine for 18 years.  The turquoise mined from Cripple Creek is made into jewelry as all-natural turquoise, meaning Clint does not stabilize it (or fill it) to create his one of a kind creations.
Clint calls upon the history of turquoise as the first stone to have value among the indigenous people for the making of jewelry or trade.  It is known to be a healing stone and Clint believes fully in the spirituality of Turquoise.  He believes that if the stone has been treated (stabilized) in any way, it loses its effect, so he only works with the natural stone.
His one of a kind creations are strong on featuring the beauty of his turquoise and are exceptionally unique pieces of wearable art.