Char Designs, Inc.

Char is an internationally known designer who is a design student of the world.  Char travels extensively throughout the world to immerse herself in fashion and design.  Whether she is on the cutting edge of fashion in Barcelona or studying native cultures in Central America, Char incorporates all that she sees and learns into her fashion.
Known first and foremost as a leather designer and queen of the iconic "White Shirts," Char also creates one of a kind couture in Denim, Sport Coats, Native weaving jackets and anything that strikes her fancy as being on the forefront of fashion.  Almost all of her leather and couture work is done here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Char knows first hand how to dress women and it shows in the flattering fit of all of her clothing.
Char is know for both classic and cutting edge fashion and is an icon in Santa Fe and around the world.